Travel advice and insurance forms

Sadly we are not able to offer individual advice about travelling.  The Foreign Office issues travel guidance.  At the time of writing, the government is advising against non-essential travel to anywhere in the world.  That apart, the advice would be that, for the moment, if you are in an ‘at risk’ group it would be wise not to travel anywhere.  Please bear in mind that we receive the same advice about travel and ‘at risk’ groups at the same time as you do.

For the latest official guidance please look at

We are really sorry that we cannot offer appointments to give advice about travel.

We know that it is important for you to reclaim the money you have paid for your holidays if at all possible.  Cancellation/insurance forms are not part of our NHS work and they are very much secondary to our immediate priorities.

At this point in time we are really sorry that we do not have the resources to complete cancellation forms speedily.  Travel advice is changing very quickly.  At the time of writing, the government has just advised against unnecessary travel to anywhere in the world, so in light of this advice, you might not need a form from us to verify this. We hope that insurance companies will take a sensible approach here.

We can give you a printed summary of your health problems and this might be adequate for your insurance company.  You might not even need this, so please only ask for this if you really need it.  Please email your request to [email protected]

Please name your message ‘Request for medical summary’ and in the message heading include your name and date of birth.  We will then post or e-mail the summary out to you – please don’t come to the surgery to collect it.  For obvious reasons we are trying to limit the number of people entering the surgery.

If you do still need a formal insurance form to be completed you can request it by emailing a copy of your cancellation form with a covering letter detailing your personal circumstances / reasons for cancellation to [email protected]   We will advise you directly of any fees payable.

We will do our best but it is highly unlikely that we will be able to complete it in the near future as our priority has to be elsewhere.  We hope very much that holiday companies and you will understand this.  Please bear with us.


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